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Sir, You Are Being Hunted review

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Sir, You Are Being Hunted is like being hooked up to an Earl Grey drip and bludgeoned with crumpets. It’s a tut at the weather. It’s a framed picture of the Queen. It’s a pissed old regular at the village pub. The developers call it ‘tweedpunk’. I call it ‘very British’. It’s to the UK what the Fallout games are to the US, and it has an utterly unique visual language.

A stealth game at heart, you’ll forage through spectral swathes of British countryside for mysterious fragments and bring them to a shrine. Badass robotic gentry with tweed jackets and flat caps stand in your way. Such open parameters should leave ample room for experimentation, the perfect structure in which to house a whirring, spluttering anecdote generator, but developers Big Robot don’t use the space interestingly enough.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted video shows off new fog-shrouded mountain biome

Ian Birnbaum at

The forthcoming open-world game Sir, You Are Being Hunted is edging ever closer to completion. The game’s procedurally generated British landscape is getting a few new biomes in the closing months of development, and the first of which, the mountain biome, is revealed in a new trailer.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted trailer has robo-hunters in top hats, cyber-dogs, violins

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Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a game about surviving the British countryside. The real British countryside isn't especially dangerous, so long as you avoid Owls and that army of armoured badgers that have occupied the Pennines since the early 1900s. Sir, You Are Being Hunted has worse. It has robots. They have shotguns and Cylon war dogs, and a taste for your blood. And tea. But mostly blood.

The debut trailer has popped up over on RPS, giving us a first look at some of those ominous procedurally generated landscapes. Former PCG gent, Jim Rossignol is part of the four man Big Robot development team. He indicates that SYABH will be available to pre-order "in a few weeks." It's due out next year. Trailer ahoy!

Fallen City: rebuild a broken town, save Angries from purple rage

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Fallen City is an educational game commissioned by British broadcasting organisation, Channel 4. It aims to examine what it means to live in a British city, and explore the difficulties of maintaining inner-city communities by putting you in charge of one. It's the first game from new developers Big Robot Games, and is being headed up by friend of PC Gamer, Jim Rossignol, who has posted some new details and screenshots on the Big Robot blog.