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E3 2013: The impact on the PC

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The new consoles have the spotlight at E3 2013 this year, but what will the expo's many reveals, demos, hardware rollouts, and buzzwords mean for the PC? Is this even a show for us at all, with the focus on the brick and mortar retail market? We discuss the implications, and speculate on which of the big, all-star console titles will eventually make it to our corner of the gaming universe.

Gabe Newell: "We thought the distinction between living rooms and PCs was artificial"

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If Valve boss Gabe Newell gets his way, we'll soon experience a gaming future devoid of the line between living room and computer desk (and it looks increasingly like a certainty). The studio's hardware ambitions aim to permanently bridge the gap between the PC and the TV, and in an interview with The Nerdist Podcast (via Develop), Newell said the divide was always "artificial."

Valve: "We saw this need" for Big Picture from players, operating systems

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Big Picture mode, a full-screen Steam interface suitable for TVs, released in December as part of Valve's attention-grabbing campaign to plant PC gaming in the living room. In an interview with Polygon, Valve Product Designer Greg Coomer spoke of capitalizing on the untapped niche of couch-side PC hardware.