No more Medal of Honor: EA pulls from rotation due to poor reception

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Battlefield 1942 is now free on Origin

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EA is now offering Battlefield 1942 as a free download on Origin. The series' 2002 progenitor is listed in the demos section, but the official site is clear that it's fully free-to-play. The site has also enlisted the surprised/angry medic above to help spread the word: "35 machines of war?! Yeah, that's just what I needed: 35 more problems for me. You know what, why don't you go remove your own damn shrapnel?"

Battlefield: Bad Company to become TV show, scripted by Alias writer

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Deadline are reporting that Fox are going to develop an "action comedy" TV series based on Battlefield: Bad Company. Writing duties will fall to John Eisendrath, one of the pens behind Alias and, among other things, Beverly Hills 90210. Also in the mix are Sony TV and Adam Sandler's production company, Happy Madison.

Weekend Game Deals - September 28, 2012

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Battlefield 10-year anniversary promotion discounts Battlefield 3 and other games to $10

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It's hard to believe that it's been a whole decade since we were riding on the wings of bombers and making car bombs with satchel charges in Battlefield 1942, one of the most influential multiplayer shooters of all time. To celebrate its storied run, Origin is offering six major entries from the series at $10/£10 a pop.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC now available to all to buy

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Did any of you purchase Battlefield Premium? Well if you didn't, but you still want to play the new Close Quarters DLC, now's your chance. Mr Moneybags may have had the new maps to himself for the last week, but now everyday Joe Public, who prefers to purchase his map packs one at a time, thank you very much, is getting a crack.

The DLC, which adds ten new weapons and four new maps, is priced at £11.99 or $14.99, and you can get it through Origin.

Can you tell Battlefield 3 from real war?

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With ITV mistaking games footage for video evidence of terrorists attacking planes and the BBC mistaking a logo from Halo for a genuine UN flag, the boundaries between the real and the virtual are getting interestingly blurred – although not, curiously, by people who actually play a lot of games. Accidents like the BBC and ITV incidents happen, but intentionally confusing games for reality is still rare. Unless you're Sam Orchard, a photography student from Falmouth College hopes.

He's taking screenshots to the art world, with a project called 'Uncanny Valley' which will be exhibited at the Truman Brewery in London. In it, he uses shots from Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 to “question the validity of the perceived ‘real’ war photograph”.

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand details emerge

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Back to Karkand, the first Battlefield 3 DLC pack, will be released next month, and will bring several classic Battlefield 2 maps to Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2.0 engine. Along with new weapons and vehicles, it'll also see the return of Conquest Assault mode, an asymmetric version of Conquest where one team defends the capture points and another tries to take them.

BF3 blog have rounded up the full list of details about what the pack includes, and you can find them beneath the cut.

EU Giveaway: Win Battlefield 3 and a set of Cyborg gaming lights

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Look sharp soldier! We've got a bundle of Battlefield goodies to give away! Yes the folks at EA have provided us with a copy of Battlefield 3, a set of Cyborg gaming lights and a copy of the Battlefield 3 novel, all for one lucky winner.

Check inside for details of how to enter.

Battlefield 3 review

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A helicopter just buzzed over my head, thirty feet above the ground. It was moving quickly, skirting around a hill, firing its main gun at an enemy I couldn’t see. I stopped running and just stared at it.

I do this a lot. Battlefield 3’s multiplayer makes me want to place a deckchair in the desert and watch the chaos happening all around. On its best maps – like the 64-player Caspian Border – every pixel on screen flickers with battle. I’ll climb to a rooftop and just freeze. In the distance, smoke stacks rise from a burning forest. In the air above me, jets twirl, chased by artillery. On the ground below, a tank has smashed through the lower floors of the building. I’ll spot a glimmer from a hillside 300 metres away, and it’ll be a sniper readying to kill me.

PC Gamer US Podcast #292: Prattlefield 3

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The man. The myth. The legend. Chris Antista enters the wild world of the PC Gamer podcast, far from home and without a clue where he is (or, he's recording a podcast in the very same room where he did Talk Radar). Alongside Dan, Lucas, Gavin, and Greg, they'll traverse the misty plains of Battlefield 3 impressions, encountering singleplayer goofiness and multiplayer war stories. Then they'll trudge through the deserts of BlizzCon impressions, the sea of Truthiness and Falsity, and the Swamps of Torment, where Xbox games appear in the Playlist. It is, without a doubt, an epic venture.

PC Gamer US Podcast 292: Prattlefield 3

Battlefield 3 trailer makes the world come crashing down around us

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Wooosh! Bang! This new trailer for Battlefield 3 is all about blowing things up and showcasing the incredible possibilities for destruction in the Frostbite 2 engine. Rockets fly, helicopters crash and buildings come tumbling down in a giant tribute to the art of demolitions. Check out the ground at 0.43, is that some kind of earthquake? A clue to the single player story? Or have Battlefield 3's weapons just become so powerful that they can actually be mistaken for natural disasters?

Battlefield 3 sadly closed it's beta recently, the full game will be released on October 25.

2.6GB Battlefield Bad Company 2 patch removes DRM, adds screenshot key. Woo!

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The Battlefield blog has revealed a new patch for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 which should land tomorrow. It contains a whole bundle of fixes and performance enhancements, but more notably, it removes the SecuROM DRM from non steam versions of the game. And a screenshot key.

It's great to see DICE continuing to support their previous game. Check inside for a full list of patch notes.

E3 2011: Battlefield 3 trailer shows Thunder Run's mass tank battles

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[bcvideo id="980676308001"]

EA have just posted super-duper-mega high-res footage of the 'Thunder Run' tank battle level, as seen in their E3 conference yesterday. It's worth turning it to 1080p, cranking your headphones up, and asking a loved one to sit with a hairdryer aimed at your face to get the full desert warfare experience. And you'll be pleased to hear the entire Battlefield 3 demo was conducted on a PC: probably the reason the game looks good enough to give you a nasty case of the war flashbacks.