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Magicka: Vietnam gets release date, price and new screens

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We haven't heard much about the Magicka expansion, Magicka: Vietnam, since that brilliant announcement trailer a few weeks ago. Now we have a release date, and 12 new screens. Magicka: Vietnam will be out on April 12 and will cost $4.99. You'll find the new screens below, featuring wizards in body armour, machineguns and plenty of napalm.

Magicka: Vietnam trailer - also, Magicka: Vietnam is a thing now

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We've been spoilt for great trailers lately, but... wow. An expansion for the spell-mixing sorcery game set in Vietnam, combat helmets over your robe-hoods, scorching and electrocuting Vietcong-themed goblins. The Battlefield pose at the end is genius.

Magicka soundtrack now free to download

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The soundtrack to Arrowhead Studios' Magicka has been released as a free download.

The 26-tracks are available over at the Magika website, and will cost you nothing at all. Arrowhead have been busy keeping fans happy since the game's release, patching every 24 hours in the first fortnight of release to cure it's infamously buggy launch. This new offering only further proves the developer's dedication to it's fan-base. They are also currently working on retail copies in the UK and France.

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Magicka review

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In Magicka, you're a wizard. You've got eight elements that you can stack up, mix, multiply, and unleash. You can cast them at goblins, cast them at anything next to you, cast them at your specially blunted sword, cast them at your own face.

Singleplayer mode is a light comic fantasy, narrated by your dodgy mentor, Vlad. The black-clad Romanian wizard keeps pointing out that he's not a vampire, and making bad puns about sinking his teeth into things. It's a mix of satire and pop culture references that'll have you smirking dangerously throughout.

Magicka gets free bonus content

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Purchase Magicka before January 31 and you'll get a Wizard Survival Kit for free. Read on for details and a new trailer.

Magicka sells 30,000 copies in 24 hours

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Magicka has exceeded all expectations by selling over 30,000 copies across digital distribution platforms. The game rocketed to the number one Top Seller spot on Steam, beating AAA title Dead Space 2. Read on for more details.

Magicka launch riddled with bugs. Paradox patching "every 24 hours"

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Arrowhead Game Studios and Paradox yesterday released Magicka, a satirical action-adventure fantasy. Unfortunately, reports are flooding message boards that the game has a poor level of quality in it's launch state, and will require significant patching to bring the title to a playable standard. Read on for details of the issues and the developer's response.

Magicka demo now available

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Alongside the launch of Magicka today, Paradox have released a playable demo.

The demo is available on Steam now, and gives you a taste of the fantasy action-adventurer parody. Should this demo not be enough, you can grab the full game for £7.99.

Those looking to learn more of this satirical RPG, take a look at our preview.