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Arma 3 interview: Bohemia explains the Arma 3 campaign

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Late last week we learned that Arma 3 won’t initially release with any campaign content (something that should make it an interesting challenge to review, for one thing). Instead, Arma 3 will launch with 12 single-player showcases, nine multiplayer scenarios, eight firing drills, and its mission editor, while campaign episodes will parachute in shortly after release. This should allow the military sim to emerge from beta sooner at the cost of staggering its content.

I got in touch with Joris-Jan van't Land (Project Lead) and Jay Crowe (Creative Director) to learn more about about this decision as well as what we should expect from the content of the campaign.

Arma 3's latest community guide teaches you how to be a helicopter

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ShackTactical's Dslyecxi is back for another official Arma 3 community guide. Given how long the game's been available in its alpha/beta state, the community have had more time to get to grips with its basics. To keep up, this latest video focuses on the advanced lessons: like keeping an improbably hovering metal box from crashing into the ground.

DayZ Arma 3: the reason you should play the DayZ mod again

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I’m inside of a wall, inside of a fire station. I see a fellow survivor—only not really, because I’m inside of a wall. Mashing V repeatedly, I slowly slide down to the ground floor of the four-story tower. As my feet touch the floor, I sprint back into the traversable interior of the fire station and begin the hunt. I step outside and immediately spot N3m3sis. Zeroing in on his head, I pull the trigger and he falls to the ground.

Arma 3 beta trailer brings out the war machines

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Arma 3's new beta trailer is a veritable shop window of soldierly hardware—stealthy helicopters, mini subs, and fearsome sniper rifles. But it's not just a training exercise as we also get a look at how all those weapons of war might be put use in Bohemia Interactive's upcoming military sim.

Bohemia Interactive hacked - usernames, emails and encrypted passwords taken

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If passwords were soldiers, you'd not entrust them to protect even the most minor strategic point. They may look the part, but they're always getting captured. Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive are the latest group to fall victim to nefarious internet mercenaries - who broke into the website and took users' account names, emails and passwords. Luckily, those passwords were encrypted, ensuring the hackers are just getting the Geneva Convention standard: name, rank and number.

Arma 3 community video provides SITREP on the beta update

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Bohemia have released the latest in Dslyecxi's Arma III community guide video series. Where previous videos have guided newbies through teamwork, infantry combat, and modding, this time we're being given an overview of the alpha's development history, as well as a feature round-up of the newly beta'd version's features.

Every game at E3 2013 and its PC release outlook

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Now that the blinding glare of every major publisher simultaneously projecting marketing at us has dimmed, we have a clearer picture of what E3 2013 revealed, what's important to us, and what we expect to be playing on PC within the next couple years. And here it all is.

Arma 3 beta beginning June 25

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Military sim fans rejoice! Bohemia has confirmed that Arma 3 will be heading into beta later this month on June 25.

New additions will include new arsenals and vehicles to test out and new scenarios that include a co-op and multi-team, wave based defense scenario. Additionally, a new "Independent" faction consisting of a military native to Altis and Stratis was mentioned. You know, in case you were tired of Blufor and Opfor.

The best games of E3 2013 so far

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We're gearing up for the biggest E3 in years next week. There's going to be a lot of chat about the next console generation, but on the show floor there will be games. Exciting, intriguing, shiny PC games of all shapes and sizes. We've picked out a few that we're super excited about, and highlighted a few more besides. If you think there'll be nothing for PC in LA, read on and think again. And these are just the games we know about.

Let us know which games you're most looking forward to in the comments. You can keep track of all the latest from E3 via our E3 2013 channel, We're on Twitter and Facebook, too, if you're into that sort of thing. If you enjoy a bit of video, the US team took to the Couch of Truth for a chat about all the intriguing titles headed our way.

E3 2013: What we're excited to see

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With E3 2013 just around the corner, we gathered around the Rectangular Coffee Table of Hopes and Dreams to discuss what we're looking forward to rubbing our eyeballs gently across at the show. Will Payday 2 address its predecessor's shortcomings? Might we get a glimpse at Fallout 4? Prey 2? As long as we can dream...

Keep an eye out over the next few days to watch the rest of our discussion, including the impact of this year's expo on the PC as a whole, and our rampant speculation on E3 2014.

Arma 3 screenshots prepare you for E3 by showing the full game and beta

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Technically all Arma 3 screenshots have been pre-E3, but these ones are the most pre-E3. Or are they the least? Whatever the semantics, here's a gallery of tactically telling pictures, taken both from the full game and the upcoming beta.

Arma 3 gears up snipers ahead of E3

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I'm not sure what Bohemia are trying to get at with the timing of this latest, sniper focused patch for Arma 3, which they describe as deploying, "right before heading out to Los Angeles for the E3 Expo." What are they planning?! Do they have sharpshooters trained at the convention centre? Oh god, Graham! SOMEBODY WARN GRAHAM...

See the Arma 3 beta video during two livestreaming events starting tomorrow

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One of our most hotly anticipated games of this year, Arma 3, will be showing off in a big way this weekend with a livestreaming event straight from Prague. Though the newest version of everyone’s favorite military sim franchise is still in alpha, the beta build of the game will be on full display on Saturday, June 1, and again next Saturday, June 8.

Arma 3 screenshot competition: the winners gallery

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Last week we asked you to point your lenses at Arma 3's alpha, using the game's machinima camera to snap some inventive, artful images of life on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Stratis. Well, idyllic up until the point of armed invasion, that is. The three best photographers would win keys to the deluxe digital edition of the full game, courtesy of the good folk at Bohemia Interactive. Pretty soon, budding paparazzi had filled our forum's screenshots thread with picture postcard vistas, wildlife shots, saucy pictures of men in their underwear and no shortage of gritty war documentation. It was tough to whittle the list down, but we've selected our top ten - which I've taken the liberty of giving pretentious names in cases where none previously existed. No need to thank me. Hit the jump for the gallery. Congratulations to our three winners and thanks to all those who entered!

Arma 3 sure is pretty. You should enter our screenshot competition!

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Arma 3 is a hardcore military simulator, sure, but there’s more fun to be had in the alpha than just flying helicopters and firing high-tech weapons. Using the built-in editor you can enable a debug free camera (see our guide here) to take beautiful screenshots. You can place units and vehicles, change the weather and time of day, and even apply Instagram-style colour filters. The screenshots in this gallery were all taken at ultra settings using the debug camera/editor.

But I'm sure you can do better.

In fact, we're running a competition to prove as much: you have until Monday to post your own gorgeous snaps of Arma 3 in our forum's screenshots thread. We'll put up a gallery of the prettiest pics next week and select three winners, each of whom will get a key to the full Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition.

Arma 3 slims down for free Lite version of the alpha

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Being an alpha release hasn't stopped Arma 3 from scouting out the top end of the Steam sales chart. It's probably because of the hyper-realistic military simulation scenarios that the game offers. But if tactically significant turtles aren't enough to persuade you to part money at this early stage of development, Bohemia have released a free Lite version. It does, however, come with some caveats.

Arma 3 mod simulates authentic radio systems and interference

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Arma 3's alpha is just over a week old, but a few promising add-ons are already taking advantage of Bohemia's out-the-gate moddability. An inevitable carryover from the hardcore Arma 2 community is ACRE, or Advanced Combat Radio Environment, a mod-turned-mainstay for the majority of players for its realistic voice-comm behavior influenced by range, direction, terrain, and facing. It's as certain to appear in Arma 3 as scores of DayZ knockoffs, and this video shows off an already working early prototype in multiplayer.

PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 86 - High Profile Jetpack Failure

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Chris, Marsh and very special guest Mike Bithell, creator of the BAFTA award-winning Thomas Was Alone, discuss Sim City, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army, Tomb Raider, the Arma 3 alpha, the morality of Kickstarter and why triangles should just go home.

Postcards from Stratis: how to take fancy screenshots in Arma 3

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What we've learned from Arma 3's development so far is that Greek islands with a heavy military presence and snap-happy tourists are not a happy combination. Luckily for budding travel photographers, Bohemia Interactive's developers have suffered so you don't have to, and you can still turn the Aegean into picture postcard memories thanks to their sterling efforts to recreate the landscape of Stratis in Arma 3.

The 20km slice of Mediterranean that Bohemia created to show off their mil-sim is a gorgeous place. The rolling sun-scorched hills, lapping waves, and hidden delights might easily be lost amid the cordite smog and tracer fire if you simply treat this as the backdrop to a war game. Don't. Take the time to enjoy the world. Grab the editor, place a character, take a stroll and capture the sights for posterity. Here are a few tricks to make the most of your snaps and coordinate locations of cool places to visit.

PC Gamer US Podcast #347 - We Built This City on DRM

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Join a would-be city council featuring Omri, Logan, T.J, and Chief Justice Evan as we take our frustrations with SimCity's servers to municipal court. Is there a fun game under all the disconnects and network errors? Plus, we're finally allowed to talk about the Arma 3 alpha! Which essentially means, the rest of us interrogate Evan about the Arma 3 alpha!