New Duke Nukem game from Rise of the Triad dev to be revealed Feb. 25

Emanuel Maiberg at

A teaser website for a new Duke Nukem game has appeared at alloutofgum.com, referencing one of The King's cheesiest and well-known one-liners. A countdown clock indicates that more information will be revealed on February 25, though just a little bit of online snooping has already uncovered some details.

Rise of the Triad's system requirements and cover art released

Katie Williams at

Hear that ratatat-tat? That's the sound of Rise of the Triad once again bursting into our consciousnesses after a quiet spell. The 1995 classic's reboot looks to be coming along swimmingly—why, even the cover has been rebooted, with all the major (and even some of the minor details) lovingly replicated for the modern age. We've also got some details on the system requirements, so you can ascertain whether or not your system is worthy of running a modern, 90s-era FPS.

New Rise of the Triad trailer is holiday twisted

Chuck Osborn at

The morning after being visited by three specters (or perhaps three jackbooted Nazi-ish occultists), Apogee has posted an all-new holiday-themed trailer for its upcoming remake of Rise of the Triad. The cold-as-ice clip--called the "Deadly Gentlemen trailer"--features a number of explosive jump-pad leaping and shooting sequences set to a hard-rockin' electronica edition of the classic Christmas carol "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."