Gorgeous platformer Fly'N coming to Steam today, despite that name

Tom Sykes at

Fly'N is a recently greenlit platform game with an art style reminiscent of the beautiful Rayman: Origins (perhaps even surpassing it, to my mind). Contrary to the slightly confusing title, you don't appear to take control of a fly, but rather four buds created by the World-Trees of Helycia to defend themselves from Dyer, the cosmic garbage man. So that's cleared that up. What is clear, from the trailer at least, is that Fly'N has a rather breathtaking art style, which looks just as good in motion. Check it out after the break.

Wakfu closed beta key giveaway and exclusive trailer

Josh Augustine at

Wakfu is one of my favorite game names of all time. You can't help but repeat it several times with different inflections--and I dare you to say it without smiling even the teensiest bit.

But it's more than just a fun name to say, it also looks like a fun game to play! We want to send you into the closed beta to try it out for yourself. Details on how to win a closed beta code, and details on how you can commit monkey genocide below!