Postal 3 review

Jon Blyth at

Of all the jokes in Postal III, there’s one that just about works. It’s near the beginning, which is cruel, creating as it does the impression that there might be more jokes to come.

You work in a porn shop, hoovering up the tissues of masturbating patrons. It’s invaded by Palin-esque hockey moms, so you flip from suck to blow, and so pelt the moral guardians with fresh fapkins. It’s not fun to play, for reasons we’ll come to. But there’s a certain, undignified satisfaction in it.

Disciples III: Renaissance demo

Jaz McDougall at

Disciples III: Renaissance has gone all demo-y. It's a deeply hexual turn based fantasy battler that deserves a bit of respect. You can read our preview here to get an better idea.