The Sim of the Year 2012: Euro Truck Simulator 2

Tim Stone at

Scary true story. A week after ETS2 reversed, beeping, into my life, I collected a friend from a house in the middle of nowhere. We’d driven about a mile down a winding country lane when the friend enquired “Er, shouldn’t you be on the other side of the road?” Days of whisking simulated cargoes along simulated continental highways had stealthily displaced a decade and a half of unsimulated British motoring experience. I veered to the left, and blurted a confession.

AeroflyFS review

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Anyone who thinks I’m going to use this review as an excuse to make a string of lame puns about aeroflyFS’s Swiss setting is cuckoo. Clock those screenshots! Excruciating wordplay would be a disgraceful distraction from the real story: that a team of little-known German developers have fashioned the world’s most beautiful flight simulator.