Defiance's debut DLC pack launches with a trailer

Perry Vandell at

Trion Worlds may have shuttered the San Diego studio that made the sci-fi MMO Defiance, but it seems its promise to support Defiance with five pieces of DLC is holding strong with the first DLC release—the Castithan Charge Pack.

BioShock Infinite: Columbia's Finest DLC drops bonus items, not story

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We're still waiting for the DLC that fleshes out Columbia's bloody history, but Irrational Games has released the "Columbia's Finest" DLC pack in hopes of fleshing out your inventory instead.

World of Warcraft WOWkemon add-on turns pet battles into Pokémon punch-outs

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Tossing spheres at vocabulary-strapped monsters sounds like madness, but Blizzard certainly must enjoy Pokémon's idea, with its pet battles minigame stepping through the Mists of Pandaria in World of Warcraft. If you don't already have a certain song stuck in your head, then the player-crafted WOWkemon add-on dispenses with all subtlety and turns your critter conflicts into full-blown Pokémon rumbles.