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Path of Exile hits 250,000 daily users one month after launch

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New Zealand-based developer Grinding Gear Games has reason to celebrate. Only a month after launch, its free-to-play, clicky-click action RPG Path of Exile enjoys more than 250,000 daily users, and over 4 million registered users. 1.5 million unique players logged in following the end of its open beta.

Bloom: Memories heads to Kickstarter to fund a new take on the ARPG formula

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Bloom: Memories is an ambitious action RPG that’s going to try to marry the exploration of Zelda, the stealth of Thief, and the living world of Harvest Moon. With a big emphasis on clever solutions beyond violence and a really beautiful batch of concept art, I’m not surprised that Bloom is already halfway to its $40,000 funding goal after only a couple of days on Kickstarter.

Path of Exile gets a post-launch patch, seven more before March expansion

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Action RPG Path of Exile sees its first post-launch patch go live this Wednesday, the first update of seven planned before Grinding Gears releases an expansion in March 2014. While the 1.0.1 update includes its share of mysterious new items to try out, it's also set to kick off the free-to-play game's fifth season of competitive events, according to lead designer Chris Wilson.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls trailers show adventure mode, bounties, clans

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The sight of a room full of treasure goblins has certainly done enough to stir up the old loot frenzy, for me, at least, but I'm one of those (possibly crazy) people who put a lot of time into Diablo 3, and have enjoyed it in spite of the auction house and its other well-documented online issues. By this time next year that auction house will be long gone and we'll likely have a new act and class to play with, as well as the adventure mode that randomly generates 15-20 minute dungeons and populates them with denizens from every act.

You can see that very mode teased in one of two new Reaper of Souls videos, fresh out of Blizzcon, which also hint at clan features, bounties and "Nephalem Rifts" full of hordes and bosses to be squished and looted dry. Also featured: SMITING, courtesy of the new Crusader class.

Mod of the Week: Far East Pack, for Torchlight 2

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While zombies, vampires, and werewolves have had a pop-culture resurgence in the last decade, children of the 1980’s are wondering: “Won't ninja ever make a comeback? If not, that's totally bogus.” See, in the 80’s, ninja were everywhere, in everything, all the time. Clearly, that needs to happen again, and you can help, by playing as a ninja (or six other new classes) in the Far East Pack for Torchlight 2.

Pay what you want for expansive space action shooter RPG Ring Runner

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Trying to describe Ring Runner is a bit like trying to explain Twitter to Wurzel Gummidge. It's an action RPG, kinda, but also a top-down shooter set in space. For all I know it's a rhythm game too, but let's stop before our brains explode too much. Triple.B's game features a ton of procedural generation, hundreds of abilities and dozens of ships - and now you can pay what you want for it on IndieGameStand. You have just under 89 hours left to do so.

Path of Exile gets October 23 release date, new Scion prestige class

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Path of Exile has been in beta for roughly 8,000 years, but its journey is finally about to come to an end. As revealed to Shacknews, the free-to-play action RPG will escape open beta and emerge blinking into the real world on October 23rd, accompanied by a new prestige class.

Diablo 3 auction house closing in March 2014

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Blizzard has announced a plan to close Diablo 3's real-money and gold auction houses next year, according to an announcement today by game director Josh Mosqueira and production director John Hight. Hight called the auction houses, where players could pick up hard-to-find, in-game items for real money or in-game currency, "a double-edged sword."

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls announced - expansion adds new class, zone, enemies

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Blizzard announced Diablo 3's first expansion today at Gamescom. It's called Reaper of Souls after its new baddie, Maltheal, the fallen angel of wisdom who's launched a late career change and become the angel of death (there he is above). The expansion will add new zones to fight through, a new class called the Crusader and raise the level cap to 70 for all of Diablo 3's current classes, adding dozens of new abilities, runes and passives. What else is new? Find out below.

Lords of the Fallen gets a debut trailer at Gamescom

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City Interactive’s newly announced action RPG, Lords of the Fallen, reared its haggard, tattooed face at Gamescom today, but unfortunately that face was caked with a layer of CGI makeup.

The Dark Eye: Demonicon gets a new, late-October release date

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The Dark Eye: Demonicon should unleash its ruthlessly-forged fantasy world in late October, according to a new press release from publisher Kalypso Media. Previously slated to surface sometime during the first quarter of 2013, the action-oriented, third-person RPG is being developed by Noumena Studios in Berlin.

Marvel Heroes review

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Comics are a simple combination of ideas that result in something varied and complex. The many possible permutations of image and text provide a huge amount of freedom for creative people to express themselves, and the superhero genre neatly encapsulates this idea. The best superhero comics manipulate the medium to serve their star character, be that a depiction of Spider-Man where the wall-crawler’s never quite the right way up, or the world of blind vigilante Daredevil rendered as directional sound.

Action-RPGs like Marvel Heroes are a complex combination of mechanics that result in something deceptively simple: an isometric button-basher where you punch thugs until loot and experience fall out. Unlike comics, the action-RPG doesn’t permit much variation on its core formula, and this makes it a singularly poor way to express the personality of characters designed for a more flexible form.

Dust: An Elysian Tail review

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Anthropomorphic animals can be a divisive fictional device. But if we can accept cities floating in the sky and assassins who can blink themselves across high rooftops, it shouldn’t be too big a stretch to invest some belief in the cat-like samurai and his talking sword in Dust: An Elysian Tail. This obvious labour of love was developed near single-handedly by Dean Dodrill, whose background as an accomplished illustrator is so enjoyably evident in this exquisite-looking action RPG.

Path of Exile announces third season of signature events, including brand new mode, "Descent"

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Still-in-development action RPGPath of Exile is known for its race leagues and signature events, special tournament versions of the game where players build new characters and race through the game as quickly as they can to level up and earn community prizes. These events have become wildly popular, helping the player base grow to over two million registered accounts—and the game is still a few months from release. Next week, Path of Exile will announce a new third season of race events, including a brand new mode called Descent Events.

Tom Clancy's The Division devs are "not ruling out any platforms for the future"

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Tom Clancy's The Division developers Massive are keeping their options open for future expansion beyond the announced Xbone and PS4 versions. They're currently "optimizing the experience for next gen consoles" they say on Twitter, but they're "not ruling out any platforms for the future."

The "online open-world action-RPG" enjoyed a very good showing at the Ubisoft press conference on Monday. It's a third person shooter set in a crumbling plague-infested New York city. Squad-based combat against NPCs morphed into a PvP battle towards the end of the video, which raises questions about the size of that online world. Latency still hamstrings precise shooting mechanics on servers above a certain scale. I wonder if games like The Division and Bungie's Destiny will be divided into more manageable 50-100 player servers, a la Day Z.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II announced, imports hero from previous game

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It's only been out of the cold, dead ground for a few weeks, but The Incredible Adventures of Van Wilder Helsing Party Liaison (monster hunter) has already earned itself a sequel. The follow-up to the "gothic-noir steampunk Action-RPG" - or The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II, to formally name it - will give you the choice to import your character from the first adventure, the one you probably haven't even finished yet. Stick around for the synopsis, or check back tomorrow, when Neocore Games will have probably announced Van Helsings 3, 4 and 5: Requiem.

Diablo 3 gets a new game director

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Diablo 3 's new game director, Josh Mosqueira, got his start at Blizzard working to convert the popular and controversial action-RPG for console play, according to a new blog post. Mosqueira writes that some possible upcoming tweaks include changes to character customization and loot drops, as well as a reduction of the auction house's effect of the game.

Krieg the Psycho is literally on fire in this Borderlands 2 DLC footage

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I've never considered 'being on fire' to be a particularly useful skill, but after seeing the following video I'm coming around to the idea that the fire department might be part of some great conspiracy to stop us achieving our full, fiery potential. Borderlands 2's latest DLC character, Krieg the Psycho, certainly seems to benefit from setting himself alight - but then he does have a handy mask to keep one small part of his body safe from harm. He also has a knack for melee weapons, thwacking them and chucking them, making him most unlike the game's current crop of gun-obsessed weirdos. You can see Krieg in action below.

Diablo 3's auction houses back in bidness, gold-duping exploit now fixed

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Blizzard announced yesterday that Diablo 3's auction houses had been put back online, after a gold-duplication exploit introduced by a recent patch caused them to temporarily shut up shop. The bug has now been fixed and gold trading is once again possible, according to Production Director John Hight in the accompanying forum post, which goes on to explain exactly what happened with the bug, and how Blizzard have responded over the last few days. Long story short: 85% of the illicit gold has been recovered, and all proceeds from auctions conducted by now-banned or suspended players has been given to charity.

Techland releases teaser trailer for Hellraid, shows off skeletons, explosions, swords

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Last week, Techland announced its new game, Hellraid, with a few screenshots and some promises. This week, though, they’ve got a teaser trailer full of gameplay that backs up some of those promises, and it’s looking pretty interesting.