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2D god game Reus released - launch trailer warns of mercurial mankind

Phil Savage at

We're a terrible species. One moment we're happily enjoying the care and nurturing of a giant tree god; the next, without warning, someone suggests: "Guys! What if we killed everything?" And so begins a new era of violence and shouting. In 2D god game Reus it's your job to prod humanity in the direction of progress just enough that we don't succumb to our murderous instincts. Good luck with that.

Reus: punish humans with the claws of an angry crab god

Omri Petitte at

Hypothetical: If you were a giant, ancient crab imbued with godlike powers, how would you respond to your followers taking up arms against their very creator? If you responded with "cake," sorry. If you responded with "pound a town-shaped crater where they used to live," congratulations! You're ready for Reus, the indie god game coming up from developer Abbey Games that has you keeping an eye on the affairs of mortals while crafting a world to your whim.