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2K consolidates Prague office, Mafia 3's future unclear

Emanuel Maiberg at

In August 2012, we first heard rumors that Mafia 3 was being developed at 2K Czech for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Today, we have mixed news about the studio and the future of the Mafia games. A 2K representative has confirmed to us that the company is consolidating 2K Czech’s office in Prague, with some developers offered new positions in 2K’s Brno office (also in the Czech Republic), some at 2K’s headquarters in Novato, California, and some laid off. We’re also hearing unconfirmed reports that 2K is restarting development on Mafia 3 at 2K San Francisco.

Mafia 2 DLC: Joe's Adventures announced

Jaz McDougall at

2K Games have just announced that Vito's second-fiddle Joe Barbaro is getting his own DLC later this year. It'll continue Joe's story in some new areas in Empire Bay, where he'll go on an Enid Blyton-style mystery adventure jape to get to the bottom of Vito's prison sentence. Don't tell me: he was set up.

Mafia 2 review

Rich McCormick at

The chronic oversaturation of the mafia in our international media has taught us much. Mafia II is an attempt to chronicle these teachings in game form. Fact number one: mafia men do lots of killing. Fact number two: they like suits. Fact number three: mafiosa don’t call each other mafiosa; they use the term ‘wiseguys’.

I’ve cross-referenced facts one and two with Mafia II, and they’re definitely right – a lot of killing and a lot of suits. Fact number three isn’t. ‘Wiseguys’, with its implied streetsmarts and cunning, doesn’t fit Mafia II’s mobsters. It certainly doesn’t fit the mid-level gangster the game asked me to tail early in its middle act, who didn’t have the presence of mind to check his rearview mirror as he drove away from a literal hatchet job. Had that guy done so, he’d have seen Sicilian-born WWII veteran and new-boy mobster Vito Scaletta about 20 feet behind, dressed in a red and white cod- Hawaiian shirt, driving a hot pink corvette with ‘BUMS12’ proudly displayed on the numberplate. That guy was not very wise.