Star Trek Online gets Foundry mission editor

Tom Senior


Who hasn't wanted to put together their own Star Trek episode? That dream is about to come true, sort of. Cryptic have released the Foundry for Star Trek Online, a powerful set of editing tools that will let you create your own missions. The Foundry let you put together your own star systems, script battles, write dialogue and create cutscenes. A mission sharing system will let players rate missions, and the very best will be highlighted with developer spotlight awards, making it easy for players to sift through to the best player made missions.

The Foundry is an exciting addition to Star Trek Online, but it's built on the same tech as Cryptic's other MMOs, meaning there's a chance that similar tools could appear in Champions Online and the upcoming Neverwinter MMO. For more on the mission editing tools, see The Foundry section of the Star Trek Online site. If you're interested in playing Star Trek Online, there's a demo available.

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