Respawn Titanfall announced via Game Informer cover

Respawn Entertainment's debut game has been revealed, via the circuitous route of a Game Informer cover leaked through the Google Play store . It's called Titanfall, it's touted as "next-gen multiplayer", and it's coming to PC and Xbox One. Full cover image below.

Titanfall will feature what's being called "campaign multiplayer", which will attempt to incorporate AI and Call of Duty-style set pieces into a multiplayer setting that mixes robot Titans and human infantry.

Here's an intriguing thing: It's being built in Source. Does this mean Valve's trusty engine has been given an appropriately next-gen boost? Respawn are due to appear at E3. Hopefully we'll learn more then.

Titanfall is due out Summer 2014.

Thanks, OXM .


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