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Strategy and sims



Release date: TBA 2017
Developer: Harebrained Schemes
Link: Official site

We've got high hopes the turn-based return of BattleTech. The folks at Harebrained Schemes have earned a reputation for producing great strategy RPGs from responsibly-run Kickstarter projects, and the best conceivable people are in the cockpit: BattleTech creator Jordan Weisman, Mike McCain (creative director on Shadowrun Returns), and Mitch Gitelman, who worked on the wonderful MechCommander. 

The early prototype we played at PAX only featured one mission, but its internal structure seems sound. Harebrained's approach to translating BattleTech's tabletop ruleset shows reverence, but not at the expense of embracing new ideas: we're excited about the idea of light mechs having real utility as scouts and flankers in a turn-based game, where time and speed can be difficult to express. And because the map isn't on a grid, individual angles, rock formations, and details seem like they'll matter.

BattleTech met stretch goals that guarantee cooperative and PvP multiplayer, but we're glad that this game seems mostly focused on its singeplayer mercenary campaign. You'll be riding around in a massive dropship, which structurally seems like it'll resemble XCOM 2's modular base stations for managing mechs, pilots, and salvage.

Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3

Release date: 2017
Developer: Relic Entertainment
Link: Official site

The hordes of Warhammer games have a clear king in the Dawn of War RTS series, and its third installment will come eight years after Dawn of War 2. It’ll be a big challenge for Relic to meet the expectations of long-time Warhammer fans while inviting new players into a genre that, despite picking up speed recently, has become hugely overshadowed by the MOBAs that spawned from it. A fantastic campaign would help, which campaign lead Brent Disbrow talks a bit about here. For more, check out the details Tom laid out after writing our cover story on the game.

Halo Wars 2

Release date: February 21, 2017
Developer: The Creative Assembly
Link: Official site

This unexpected sequel to a console-only RTS is coming to both PC and consoles early in 2017 from Total War studio Creative Assembly. The pedigree is great, although this Creative Assembly team last worked on our 2014 game of the year Alien: Isolation. That's not exactly an RTS, but our last hands-on indicated Halo Wars 2 is in skilled hands. It's not going to be the most micro-heavy RTS, since it's designed to be played on both consoles and PC, but we found plenty of depth in an early build, with snappy controls right at home on the PC.

Tooth and Tail

Release date: 2017
Developer: Pocketwatch Games
Link: Official site

The new game from the creators of Monaco is Tooth and Tail, an RTS featuring armies of humanoid rodents and a lovely pixelated art style. Focusing on short matches and straightforward controls, the devs describe this as an arcade take on competitive strategy.

Loot Rascals

Release date: 2017
Developer: Hollow Ponds
Link: Official site

For those who like turn-based strategy, but don’t want to stare at a screen for six hours on end, Loot Rascals may be your new jam. It turns live movement across a hex board into ‘turns’, shifting around enemies and changing the status of the world as you move across the grid. Step on the same hex as a bad guy, and you’ll engage in quick, automated combat. Win, and they’ll drop some kind of loot, which you can use to bolster your stats and rearrange in your inventory to optimize its bonuses. Presented in a cool ‘70s cartoon aesthetic and layered in cheeky British humor, Loot Rascals is shaping up to be a great strategy game for casual players and enthusiasts alike. If you’re curious, an early build is available on

RIOT - Civil Unrest

Release date: Early 2017
Developer: Leonard Menchari
Link: Official site

This is a socially-aware real time strategy game that simulates the processes leading to the outbreak of violence during times of civil disorder. The striking pixel art depicts real places (and real riots) in an evocative and atmospheric way.
When you play as the police, you're tasked with choosing between passive and aggressive methodologies: trucks water cannon, smoke grenades, or even live rounds. As rioters, you choose whether to try to calm the masses and rely on the media or incite violence.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

Release date: Feb 16 2017
Developer: Herocraft
Link: Steam page

This card-based strategy game has been out on mobile for a while, but the developers promise a proper PC version rather than a straightforward port. You command a squad of Warhammer 40,000's grizzliest space vikings and face down the forces of Chaos on a hostile jungle planet.

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward

Release date: 2017
Developer: Lazy Bear Games
Link: Official site

Those maniacs at TinyBuild are at it again. This bafflingly prolific publisher is known for putting out games like Speedrunners, Clustertruck, and the terrifying Hello Neighbor. One of their biggest hits of 2016 was the boxing management sim, Punch Club, which let players solve mysteries, travel, and punch interesting people. A follow-up titled Punch Club 2: Fast Forward is coming in 2017.

Frozen Synapse 2

Release date: 2017
Developer: Mode7
Link: Official site

Stylish turn-based tactical strategy in a procedurally-generated cyberpunk open world. Every building can be infiltrated, every faction manipulated and every battle overcome with sufficient smarts. The first game was really special both in single and multiplayer, so expectations are high for this long-awaited follow-up.

Oxygen Not Included

Release date: Early 2017
Developer: Klei Entertainment
Link: Steam Page

The next game from the makers of Don’t Starve, Oxygen Not Included is a 2D space colony manager. Instead of directly controlling the “duplicant” clones operating your base, it controls similar to Dwarf Fortress where you issue commands for them to complete as they are available to do so. What’s exciting about Oxygen Not Included is how driven by systems the game is. Heat, electricity usage, noise, and (as the name might imply) even oxygen and air quality are simulated, and your workers respond and react to their environments. If you don’t pump enough fresh air near a mining area, they’ll be holding their breath while they work. We spoke with Klei at PAX, and you can learn more about Oxygen Not Included here.

The Escapists 2

Release date: 2017
Developer: Mouldy Toof

The Escapists may have been overshadowed by Prison Architect, but it was a fun prison escape sim that was much deeper than its simple graphics would lead you to believe. The Escapists 2 is adding online and local multiplayer to the mix, giving the pixel art graphics a more detailed makeover, expanding activities and crafting, and so on. What you'd expect from a sequel, really, but co-op prison breaks and versus mode sound especially rad.

Orcish Inn

Release date: 2017
Developer: Steven Colling
Link: Official site

Orcs get a bit stereotyped as warmongering hordes of marauders, but when they’re not trying to wipe out elves in service of an evil wizard, they probably have regular jobs and hang out the pub, right? This management sim casts you as an enterprising orc and lets you build a tavern, farm crops, brew beer, and host thirsty orc customers. There are survival elements as you deal with harsh winter weather, there’s fishing and tavern games, exploration and trading, and this being an orc tavern, you may have to occasionally break up some pub brawls.


Release date: 2017 (Open beta)
Developer: Yager
Link: Official site

We first heard about Dreadnought back at E3 2014 and we’ve been eager for it ever since. Giant spaceships, giant battles, giant lasers. Controlling these sci-fi aircraft carriers seems similar to the thoughtful, ponderous pace of World of Warships—except these beasts fly in three dimensions. No official date has been announced yet, but the devs recently warned beta players that their accounts and progress would be wiped in advance of the upcoming open beta.

Xenonauts 2

Release date: 2017
Developer: Goldhawk Interactive
Link: Official site

The first Xenonauts, which we really enjoyed, was a project launched in a different era: a time when great X-Com games were a thing of the past. Finally launching after XCOM (note the new capitalization scheme) came back in a big way was perhaps poor timing, but that didn’t stop this streamlined alien-fighting homage from kicking xeno butt. Now that Xenonauts 2 is in development, it has an opportunity to be more than an homage to a long-loved original. With the XCOM series driving that world forward, Xenonauts can become its own thing.


Release date: 2017
Developer: Finji
Link: Official site

Overland checks a lot of the boxes on our List of Favorite Things. Post-apocalyptic randomly generated survival strategy road trip game? Damn, that’s like winning the sub-genre lottery. Overland is creepy, tense, and it’s the kind of game that lets us make our own stories. Plus, in its most recent trailer, there’s a dog named Mustard.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Release date: Summer 2017
Developer: Landfall games
Link: Official site

Did you ever use the level editor in Age of Empires to put 100 samurai against 100 Teutonic knights, just to watch them go nuts? Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is that, except with a healthy dose of slapstick. These stupid, awkward, brave idiots will charge each other with a variety of weapons just so you can see what happens. Truly, a noble sacrifice.

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