Games for Windows takes pop at Activision

Tim Edwards

Yesterday, Activision boss and controversy magnet Bobby Kotick came out in favour of 'open platforms' and 'gamer friendly PCs '. Today, the Games for Windows Live bit of Microsoft are taking a pop at him.

No lie. This is a tweet from the official Games for Windows account .

"Activision To “Aggressively Support” Efforts To Connect PCs To TVs << Acti supports PC gaming? Is it April already? ^WA"

Oh, games industry. Don't ever change.

For the record, and for all their faults, Activision have released multiple, well-received PC games in recent years. Microsoft haven't. Meanwhile, on one of their featured gamer pages , still visible on the Games for Windows Live site, a place where Microsoft  feature the very best gaming talent within the Games for Windows community, they show  ' Abashima ', their former content editor. Who left the company and works for Nintendo.


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