Grand Theft Auto IV

Genre(s): Action Adventure
UK Release Date:
US Release Date:
UK Publisher: Rockstar Games
US Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Rockstar North
Age Rating: ESRB Mature | PEGI 18

Grand Theft Auto IV marked a turning for a series that had, for the most part, been more concerned with enabling open world mayhem than with telling a good story featuring believable characters. Not that there's anything wrong with that - Saint's Row soon picked up the baton - but GTA IV's tale of an Eastern European immigrant trying (and failing) to escape his violent past proved that Rockstar had storytelling chops too.

Sure it took a while to get here, but the PC version has since been bolstered by various mods, including the astonishing iCEnhancer, which revamps GTA's visuals to staggering effect.

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System Requirements

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OS: Windows Vista - Service Pack 1 / Windows XP - Service Pack 3