Football Manager 2014

Genre(s): Sports, Sim
UK Release Date:
US Release Date:
UK Publisher: Sega
US Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sports Interactive
Age Rating: ESRB |

A 2014 edition for the top-flight footie management sim has yet to be announced, but its annual release has become such a fixture that should we not see a sequel we may as well cancel the Premiership and forget all about feet and balls and all the accompanying shouting and drama that flows from their interaction. No more stripy kits. No more oranges at half time. No more jumpers for goal posts. No more balls in the neighbour's garden. No more Alan Shearer. No more Alan Hansen. It will just be Lineker sitting alone forlornly with a packet of crisps, asking in cracked tones if you'd like one. "It's cheese and onion," he'd say. But you don't want his cheese and onion. You wouldn't want it even if it was Ready Salted or Salt & Vinegar, because Football would be dead, and all joy with it.

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Deep, exciting and, for the first time, as human as real football, Football Manager 2014 has hit the back of the net.

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Football Manager 2014 release date announced

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