Far Cry 3

Genre(s): Shooter
UK Release Date:
US Release Date:
UK Publisher: Ubisoft UK
US Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal, MASSIVE Entertainment & Ubisoft Shanghaï
Age Rating: ESRB Mature | PEGI 18

Ubisoft's third jungle getaway takes the best parts of Far Cry 2 (except for the Buddy system - we'll miss you Paul Ferenc), and removes the stuff that most people hate: respawning checkpoints and degrading guns being the most egregious examples. While it's less immersive and more dubstep than its direct predecessor, Far Cry 3's huge, varied open world, its memorable characters and expressive motion capture, and its compellingly ridiculous crafting system make up for it. You're Jason Brody, a thrillseeker turned hunter turned cocky hardened killer, who likes to make wallets and pick flowers in his spare time.

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A huge and excitingly rich open world. Prowl it like a hunter, plan sneaky attacks, and turn the animal kingdom into bags.

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System Requirements

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OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7