Genre(s): Shooter, Multiplayer
UK Release Date:
US Release Date:
UK Publisher: Bohemia Interactive
US Publisher: Bohemia Interactive
Developer: Dean "Rocket" Hall
Age Rating: ESRB Mature | PEGI 16

Dean "Rocket" Hall's acclaimed mod takes Bohemia Interactive's military sim Arma 2 and twists it into a tense, emergent, survival multiplayer experience, partly by adding zombies, but mainly by allowing players to be utter bastards to one another. While you can always be sure of a zombie's intentions, you never know whether a fellow human is going to lend you supplies, rob you blind or blow your head off - often they settle on all three.

Despite being out for months before, the Day Z mod recently hit Steam, allowing it to be installed with a minimum of fuss. Hall is currently working on a standalone release that unshackles the game from its Arma 2 requirement, while polishing and revamping it in the process.

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DayZ update to add new towns, fireplaces, more guns

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System Requirements

  • Minimum
OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista