Elite: Dangerous blitzes Kickstarter goal; new stretch goals added

Ask anyone with a brain whether the PC community would support a new Elite game, and the answer should be a resounding "OBVIOUSLY". So it's no surprise that Frontier Development's Elite: Dangerous has met its lofty Kickstarter goal of £1.25 million a couple of days before deadline. With that milestone reached, the studio has announced a new stretch goal, joining the previously announced Mac port which is promised if the community funds up to £1.4 million.

The new stretch goal promises an addition ten playable ships - joining the already confirmed 15 - if they can raise £1.5 million. In addition, the studio has added a new reward tier of £25 for a limited time, which rewards pledgers with a digital copy of the game and 500 in-game credits. This reward tier is limited to 5000 spots.


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