Company of Heroes 2 screenshots ignite the Eastern Front

Relic have released two new screenshots of Company of Heroes 2, showing more of the snowy Eastern Front battlefields that'll form the backdrop to the sequel's central campaign. One shot shows soldiers trading potshots alongside supporting tanks. The snow drifts they're standing in will deform under the weight of marching boots and the tracks of Russian and German heavy armour. The fire shown in the second image will eviscerate flimsy wooden structures, causing them to collapse and instantly kill any men unlucky enough to be caught inside.

Relic are resisting the urge to follow up on Dawn of War 2's small scale action RPG approach, and are instead trying to perfect the Company of Heroes formula. The new setting and missions built around the bloodiest battles of World War 2 will hopefully keep things fresh. See more of Company of Heroes 2 in these E3 screenshots , and check out our video interview with Jacen Torres .


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