Black Ops 2 gets free Steam weekend, double XP throughout

Clearly Activision have been made aware of a small pocket of the population that are yet to have a Strong Opinion on their unstoppable FPS franchise. In which case, there's only one thing for it: deploy a free Steam weekend in the hope of tempting the last remaining vestiges of Call of Duty innocents to invite Black Ops 2 through their bandwidth.

It's good news for veterans, too: this influx of new recruits handily coincides with a Double XP weekend, which will be running from now until Monday.

For any trial players who manage to avoid the XP-hungry knives and bullets of the CoD hardcore long enough to glean some enjoyment from the game, there's also a 33%-off sale to take advantage of, bringing the game down to a still rather-pricey £26.79.

To participate in the free weekend, head here and follow the installation link. To participate in the Double XP weekend, head into the game and just start doing stuff.


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