The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The 50 best Skyrim mods

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Amazing Follower Tweaks OR Extensible Follower Framework

AFT: Nexus, Steam
EFF: Nexus

Vanilla Skyrim followers are a bit rubbish. They don’t level with you, they don’t learn new spells and they often fail to equip new items properly. So you’re going to need a follower mod. AFT and EFF are the two main competitors (the third, Ultimate Follower Overhaul is no longer being updated and has become obsolete). Both include follower stats, better equipment useage, and ‘sandbox’ follow behaviour (wandering around nearby, like Dawnguard’s Serana). EFF even includes a quick menu to allow you to command followers without jumping in and out of dialogue. Both mods also include horses for your followers, but I recommend using Convenient Horses for that instead.



I usually shy away from custom Skyrim followers because their voice acting is often jarringly awful. Hoth defies this expectation with some excellent (if rather American sounding) voice work that really sells the idea of a grizzled bounty hunter. He also sports an incredibly cool set of custom bone armour and can even offer you radiant ‘bounty’ quests as he follows you around.



Inigo is another custom follower that meets my standard by having voice acting that if not great, is at least as good as vanilla Skyrim’s Khajit accents. This is good, because Inigo is incredibly talkative. He has hundreds of different remarks, many of them location specific, making him the most interesting and active Skyrim follower since Dawnguard’s Serana.

Follower Dialogue Overhaul AND The B Team

FDO: Nexus
The B Team: Nexus

Here’s an interesting thing about Skyrim’s followers: due to the duplication of voices, each follower has a lot more lines available to them than they actually use. Some followers, like Mjoll, have lots of remarks for different locations while other characters with the same voice actor don’t have access to those lines. Follower Dialogue Overhaul unlocks a lot more dialogues, making every follower a lot more talkative. The B Team uses these new lines to make several existing NPCs into fully fledged followers. Finally giving you the opportunity to hang out with Talos worshipper Heimskyr or famous Whiterun snob Nazeem.

Convenient Horses


There are a lot of horse mods for Skyrim, but this is the best. Once installed you can adjust your horse’s speed, summon your it from a distance, gather ingredients while riding, have mounted conversations and quickly dismount in combat. More importantly it’s also the best mod for getting your followers to ride with you, especially for Serana, who gains a burning undead demon horse that freaks me the hell out every single time she uses it.