You've never sieged like you will in Conqueror's Blade

As a brand-new MMO, Conqueror’s Blade encapsulates the essence of ancient siege battles enriched with massive armies, historical weapons, and complex strategies. For a limited time, players can experience its impressive scale for free. Conqueror’s Blade open gate weekend begins on December 15 at 10am EST and ends on December 16 at 1am EST. Closed siege test for FP and CBT key owners runs from December 17 to December 19.

During the open gate weekend, players can wreak havoc on either Siege of Augolia or Harbor City Siege. Additionally, closed siege test players get access to the new Valley Fortress Seige. If you defeat at least ten warlords and win a quick match on both open gate weekend maps, you’ll be awarded the exclusive Brazen Bascinet helmet.

Before you enter the fray, your soldier needs a proper face. Conqueror’s blade offers a few character customization options that modify your character’s appearance and, more importantly, assign it a class specialty.

Following the character creation phase, you’re thrown into a town with other players. The town acts as the central hub for commerce and player-to-player interaction. It’s also where you can challenge a player to a duel to prove your mettle.

While duels are excellent for honing your dexterity and skill, the large-scale siege battles in Conqueror’s Blade require wisdom unattainable through individual merit. In order to successfully penetrate your opponent's defenses, you and your 14 ally warlords must cooperate in perfect harmony. Similarly, defenders need to communicate effectively to thwart the invaders’ cunning tactics.

Initially, the battlefield is absolutely massive. Standing atop the castle walls, one can see the looming siege towers rolling in from the horizon. As the attackers gain the advantage and capture more key points, the battles withdraw into smaller, more intimate folds, forcing both sides to revise their tactics.

No man is an island, and no war is won by just one. As deadly as you may be, without a sound strategy and proper support, all you’ll win are sword strikes to your face. During every siege, you are allowed to bring three warbands. They can be companion cavalry for swift attacks, prefecture guard for hardened defense, or demesne archer for long range suppression. You can arrange their formations, set their objectives, or when things get really rough, command them to protect you. While perished troops can be replenished, respawn time is steep so you need to actively conserve their numbers. In a fully-packed match, over 1,000 troops can participate in the bloodbath.

While your soldiers are slugging it out with your foes, you should be using heavy weaponry to strike key locations. Use the siege vehicle’s cannons to clear archers cowering behind cover, or use ballistas to snipe enemies scaling the walls. Be careful, though, as using these stationary weapons makes you the perfect target.

We mentioned before that Conqueror's Blade is an MMO, so while this update covers only the siege battle aspect, future tests will include property ownership, trading, technology trees, building, and upgrading kingdoms.

If you can recruit five or more of your friends, you’ll each get 20% off any pre-order pack. Check out the full release notes for more details.