XCOM: Enemy Unknown trailer shows combat and base building

Well, this is nice. The first moving images of XCOM: Enemy Unknown have appeared over on RPS . It gives us a good five minutes of combat and a quick run around the new-look "ant farm" base structure. You'll be able to determine the layout of each room, unlocking new avenues of research. Placing certain facilities next to others will lend them adjacency bonuses, so you'll have to plan your warren carefully.

Combat is looking very slick.. The "glam cam" gives the soldiers gives each soldier their own procedurally choreographed moments of heroism and the alien beasts can charge right through walls to crush your troops. Destructible cover: confirmed. If you want more on Firaxis' re-imagining of the classic series, here's everything you need to know about XCOM: Enemy Unknown .

Tom Senior

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