World's Biggest Pac-Man is now free to play in your browser


A free-to-play, browser based version of Pac-Man has been released by Namco-Bandai. The blob-gobbling mechanics are as familiar and addictive as ever, but as Gamasutra report, there's an interesting twist. Logging in on Facebook will let you create your own mazes. Once complete, they' get added to the gigantic meta level. Every maze has gaps that will let you escape into other people's levels, creating one vast mega-maze.

At the time of writing, World's Biggest Pac-Man consists of more than 1300 maps. More than 180,000 ghosts have been killed, and more than 17 million Pac-dots have been eaten. You don't have to login to Facebook to play, simply head over to The World's Biggest Pac-Man site and say goodbye to all that working and eating you were planning to do today.

Tom Senior

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