Win at social media in free browser game Sneeter

(Image credit: Tom Sykes)

As with popular MMO 'Twitter', the goal of free browser game Sneeter is to build up your social media standing, by making twee...sorry, sneets that will do the numbers. Messages that will get your fellow, sneeters to like, reply or resneet them. Fail at this, and you'll lose health and eventually peg it.

Thankfully, you're not technically composing tweets yourself here. Instead, you click on other people's messages to learn/nick useful components, words you then insert into one of a selection of stock phrases. After you tweet, the game will inform you how you did—if you did the business, you get clout points, and if you didn't, you lose precious HP.

Why did my innocuous message about spaceships inspire a load of #engagement, while my purposely controversial tweet about blankets got only a few paltry replies? At first I thought the outcome was decided entirely randomly, but instead the likes and dislikes of your fickle followers are assembled at the start of each playthrough. To win at Sneeter, you'll need to work out what they like, and tweet more of that, while avoiding tweeting about things they're not keen on.

It's a clever and funny parody of the real Twitter, and an entertaining puzzle to try and figure out. You can play Sneeter here.

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Tom Sykes

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