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Win a free Steam Key for Realms of the Haunting

Realms of the haunting header

From the golden age of 2D shooters comes Realms of the Haunting, a tense and innovative take on the Doom format which combines demon-blasting with point-and-click puzzles and FMV sequences. It's a blast from the past with genuine merit. Our own Richard Cobbett described it wrote: "It was amazing. It was terrible. It was clever. It was insane. It merged adventuring and shooting in a way that no other game has ever really tried." We have 500,000 Realms of the Haunting Steam Keys to give away right now.

We're giving away these keys in association with Indie Gala, who are in the midst of a big Spring Sale that offers up to 80% off 120 games in the Indie Gala catalogue. There's also a massive deal on the Saints Row series and all DLC.

To claim your free Steam Key for Realms of the Haunting, simply follow the instructions in the box below. Enjoy!