Which of your existing games did E3 2018 make you want to play?

Although a couple of things we saw at E3 are playable now (Prey's Mooncrash expansion and Unravel 2, for instance) plenty more are games we won't see for months or even years. Instead, we're channeling that excitement into older games, catching up on things we missed before their sequels come out and replaying old favorites we've been reminded of. How about you? Has Anthem made you want to go back and replay one of BioWare's singleplayer RPGs, or has Cyberpunk 2077 inspired you to give The Witcher series a shot? (If so, skip straight to the third one. Trust us on this.) That's this week's PCG Q&A: Which of your existing games did E3 2018 make you want to play? Let us know your own answers in the comments.

Tom Senior: DOOM

I never quite completed id's Doom reboot, even though I loved the movement, the guns, and pretty much everything else about it. I don't know what distracted me in 2016, but now I really want to rocket launcher the final boss before Battlefield and Call of Duty land later this year. It will give me a shooter to distract me from Lawbreakers, too, which is a fine piece of work that's a bit too sad to play when you know it's shutting down later in the year.

I only got halfway through Fallout 4 as well, but I felt pretty bored of that world by the time I stepped away. I might boot it up and tweak some mods to get in the mood for Fallout 76, even I don't end up completing it.

Jarred Walton: A big Bethesda RPG

I've always had problems finishing big RPGs like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. There are so many side quests that I get distracted from the main story, and then after 50-100 hours I stop playing regularly. That happened with Oblivion, which I only finally beat right before Skyrim launched, and it also happened with Fallout: New Vegas, which I beat right as Fallout 4 was coming out. With both series slated to get a new release, granted Elder Scrolls is a long ways off, it's time for me to wipe off the digital dust and boot them up again. Will I finally get to the bottom of the Institute, or defeat Alduin and save the world? Probably not anytime soon, as I have benchmarks to run, but I'm determined to try! 

Bo Moore: Wolfenstein 2 and The Witcher 3

This definitely rings true for me. I absolutely loved Wolfenstein: The New Order, but I never got around to playing its sequel, The New Colossus. Even if it's only a bite-sized spinoff, the upcoming Youngbloods expansion looks rad as hell and reminded me how much I love that series. I plan on finally digging into The New Colossus very soon. 

On a different front, this E3 has me facing one of my biggest gaming shames: I've never played The Witcher 3. I know, I know. Everything about that game should appeal to me, but for some reason I've never really given it a solid chance. I'm absurdly hyped for Cyperpunk though (as are we all), so I think that's good occasion for me to finally give ol' Geralt a bath.

Jody Macgregor: Skyrim

The announcement of The Forgotten City, a game based on a Skyrim mod I'd been meaning to play for ages, finally got me to go back to that. While I racked up a couple of hundred hours with the original version of Skyrim, I played way less of the special edition, so it's also been an excuse to see more of how pretty that looks. And it does look very pretty, especially when shafts of sunlight break over the hilltops and such. As well as The Forgotten City there's a lot of other new mods that have been made since the last time I played Skyrim, and I'm definitely going to get myself a mudcrab companion in dwarven armor. Let's just hope this doesn't eat another 200 hours of my life.

James Davenport: Nioh

With the announcement of a new From Software game set in a fantastic interpretation of Sengoku-era Japan and the news that Nioh 2 exists, I'm desperate to swing a katana. Take it out behind the shed and set up some pop cans. Shwing! Absolutely done for. 

Swords are very cool. And I'm a bit tired of the traditional Souls game formula, which is why finishing up Nioh sounds like the perfect summer game. Last year I revisited Dark Souls 2 and the DLC I'd missed the first time around. I spent every evening for a month or so streaming two hours of my playthrough, my towering backlog and misspent youth never even crossing my mind. Nioh, with its focus on loot and mix of small challenge levels with more traditional Souls-y areas, could be the perfect way to spend those long, sweltering summer evenings. I'll go outside too, don't worry, though I do feel more urgency to finish Nioh soon, now that a sequel is on the way. If I'm to stay the Souls-like authority I think I am, I'll need to study up. 


Wes Fenlon: Assassin's Creed: Origins

I installed Assassin's Creed Origins months ago, excited to play it. But I just never got around to it, partially because I was daunted by the prospect of diving into a huge open world. Who can make that kind of investment, these days? But after Odyssey's announcement, I really do want to give this a shot, mainly to see ancient Egypt recreated in such detail. I have no doubt Odyssey's Greece will be amazing, but that's a setting I've seen many times before. But I've never played a game with the pyramids depicted with this fidelity, and everything I hear about Bayek makes him sound like the most interesting protagonist Assassin's Creed has ever had. I loved Black Flag and haven't felt the need to play another Assassin's Creed since. I think it's finally time. And coming to it after months of patches and updates? That's the way to go.

Samuel Roberts: Also Skyrim and also Assassin's Creed

I played 40 hours of Skyrim and never finished it. In fact, I don't think I even did any of the game's best quests, instead spending my time decorating my boring house from the Hearthfire DLC, exploring as many new areas as possible and slaying dragons. Bethesda's Fallout games appeal slightly more to me, and I've polished off all of those. Perhaps this weekend I'll install the Special Edition and pick up wherever I left off. 

I've also got the urge to play a bunch of the Assassin's Creed games I skipped after I burned out on Assassin's Creed III. I left Black Flag after ten hours, for example, and I still have bits of Syndicate DLC to play, not to mention the DLC for Origins. 

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