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Watching this grandma streamer recreate her quilt designs in Minecraft is how I want to end 2020

(Image credit: Bacon_Mom)

2020 has been a year and what better way to soothe our souls than with some wholesome content. I have found both peace and solace in the relaxing Twitch streams of Bacon_Mom, a Minecraft builder who spends her streams working away on her blocky world.

There's just a calming presence about Bacon Mom that makes everything seem OK. She zooms around her Minecraft world quietly talking about what she did that day and chatting to her viewers. Watching her is incredibly serene, and I was a fan from the first moment I saw her playing autoharp at the beginning of a stream. Give the below stream a few minutes and you'll understand what I mean.

Bacon Mom seems like the sweetest grandma ever and regularly chats about her partner (known as Bacon Dad) and her grandchildren who go by the adorable nicknames of Bacon Bits—my heart can't take it. Her grandkids are the reason she started playing Minecraft in the first place, out of a desire to do something creative together with them.

The community around this stream is lovely too. It's a friendly space where people chill and chat as Bacon Mom works away on her Minecraft world. And speaking of her builds, they're nothing short of incredible. Bacon Mom has been streaming Minecraft for 6 years and the number of creations she's made is enormous: a beautiful world of flower gardens, rainbow roads, colorful buildings, and even a giant mural of the Bacons made in 2018.

But the best features of Bacon Mom's world are her quilt designs. Using Minecraft's square structure, she's built huge, intricate designs into the floor and it's quite the spectacle.

I've only just started watching her streams recently, but Bacon Mom has quickly become part of my evening routine. Unfortunately, our time zones don't match up, but watching her videos is the perfect time to decompress. You can check out her streams on the Bacon_Mom Twitch profile, and for maximum enjoyment bring along a hot cup of tea and a blanket.

Part of PC Gamer's UK team, Rachel loves a good ol' detective mystery, story-rich adventure games, and weirdly wonderful indies. Her proudest gaming moment is the one time she kept her virtual potted plants alive for a year.