WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1 – A premier $150,000 fighting games tournament has been announced

WePlay Esports Ultimate Fighting League
(Image credit: WePlay Esports)

The esports fighting game scene is brimming with talent and tournaments, and WePlay Esports recently stood out from the crowd with the highly acclaimed WePlay Dragon Temple. The next event from the same organiser WePlay Ultimate Fighting League (WUFL) Season 1 starts very soon. Media holding company WePlay Esports is a well-known name on the esports scene. It combines the best practices of esports, media, and entertainment fields to provide cutting-edge products and services worldwide.

WUFL Season 1 will kick off with a four-day marathon of Mortal Kombat 11 (25–28 March), where contenders will be looking to turn each other into flappy fillets of human flesh by tearing each other’s spines out. After that, oversized metal swords, zweihanders, and scythes will clash in SOULCALIBUR VI (1–4 April), before things finish up with the King of Iron Fist tournament in Tekken 7 (8–11 April).

What makes WePlay Esports’ approach special is that their shows cater not only to the core esports community but to the broader audience as well. Here is what WePlay Esports’ General Producer and Chief Visionary Officer Maksym Bilonogov has to say on the topic, “I believe that both the die-hard FGC fans and casual players will thoroughly enjoy WUFL. You can watch it with your friends who have never touched a controller, and they will quickly learn to appreciate both the competition and the show. You will be very surprised by what we prepared for the first season of our league.”

There are big prizes to be won, with $150,000 divided equally across the three games. It’s only fitting that an event representing a big step up for WePlay Esports is happening in partnership with all-in-one fighting games hub DashFight. Both DashFight and WePlay Esports are burning with ambition.

WePlay Esports hosted its first fighting game tournament in December 2020: the WePlay Dragon Temple event for Mortal Kombat 11. The tournament was a hit, with winner Tekken Master (and, evidently, Mortal Kombat master, too) walking away with the $24,000 prize after defeating F0xy Grampa in the Grand Final. 

It was a fine prize for a worthy champion, but the substantially greater winnings for WUFL show just how far WePlay Esports’ fighting tournament ambitions have progressed in such a short space of time. 

So tune in to the first season of this three-headed Cerberus of a tournament via the official event Twitch channel. To keep up with the non-stop action from WePlay Esports, you can head over to any of their social channels — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. Whichever page you visit, you’ll be walking into an avid community of gamers and esports fans bonding over the dramas and passions of the esports scene.