Watch Ring of Elysium's Thailand invitational esports event this weekend

This weekend on Sunday April 7th, Ring of Elysium's 2019 Thailand Invitational begins, with 15 pro teams from around the world gathering in Bangkok to fight it out in the first major international tournament for the battle royale game. Players will meet on the game's Europa Island map, and a special boarding points scoring system has been created to generate the most intense and competitive eSports experience possible.

The teams participating are from all over the place: there are three teams from Europe, as well as competitors from North America, China, Chinese Taipei and Thailand. Players score points for kills and rankings, but they'll also score points for boarding the helicopter, usually the way a Ring of Elysium game is settled. That means the competitors will face interesting choices, as detailed by the trailer above: will they try and get the easy kill points, or try and defend the helicopter and score that way? It's sure to create a lot of drama and fun moments in the final stages of each match.

Expect each competing team to plan their strategies around this scoring system—making the most of easy opportunities to land easy kills or prevent other players from boarding, and generally sabotaging their rivals. Expect teams to use a mix of BMXes, hang gliders and grappling hooks to bounce around the Europa Island map in pursuit of glory!

Tune in here this weekend as all the action kicks off, and give Ring of Elysium a try for yourself by downloading it free from Steam today