Watch Hearthstone game director Ben Brode rap the story of Arthas (Remixed)

Earlier this year, Hearthstone game director Ben Brode succumbed to community pressure about the lack of an accompanying theme song for the  Journey to Un'Goro expansion and agreed to record a rap. Those rhymes were a smash hit, so by popular demand Brode is back to spit some more lyrics, this time for the new Knights of the Frozen Throne set. The song tells the origin story of Arthas, the tragic paladin who provides the big bad in the expasnion. 

In addition to a surprisingly solid flow, Brode's Arthas rap does a great job summarizing the events of Warcraft III, in which Arthas turns from golden boy of the Alliance to the Lich King himself. There's even a legit chorus, in which Brode raps: "Arthas, where did this go wrong? Why did you turn to darkness?" 

Why indeed. But the real question is where does Blizzard's own rap god go from here? Surely a live performance at BlizzCon 2017 has to be on the cards. Bring the noise, Ben. And also more card reveals. 

Update: Brode posted a version of the rap featuring just the lyrics, prompting a number of excellent remixes. Here's some of our favorites:

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