Warcraft: Total War alpha mod brings Azeroth to the turn-based battlefield

Earlier this year, hobbyist modder Eoghan Wolfkin released an alpha state, work-in-progress Total War total conversion mod that brought World of Warcraft to Total War by way of the latter's Medieval 2 instalment. Posted in Total War Center in March, Wolfkin stressed that their mod was incomplete but could be used as a "resource" for future Warcraft mods. It's now made its way onto ModDB. 

"I think you could gut the good bits you want to keep, and merge them into your mod," suggests Wolfkin here. As it stands, Warcraft: Total War includes High Elven units, Dwarfs, Scourge, Ogres, as well as "the full" Warcraft 1-themed Human rosters for Theramore, Stormwind and Lordaeron. "This mod has only a very unbalanced custom battle-mode," adds Wolfkin. "The campaign is there but isn't playable."

Here's some of that in practice: 

Despite being a little rough around the edges, the success of Creative Assembly's Total War: Warhammer series suggests there's potential here for more fantasy world-meets-real life turn-based warfare. 

More information can be found via the Warcraft: Total War alpha mod's ModDB page. And here's some stills: