VHS Story is a management game about punching

VHS Story

This TIGSource DevLog thread caught my eye. It's for a game set in the '80s-'90s—a time period universally understood to be mostly about punching. Called VHS Story, it's a management tycoon game, in which you train and upgrade your fighter to be the best punching man on the streets.

"You have to manage your time and money to improve your fighter skills on one side and your training equipment on the other," write the developers. "You will start as an unknown fighter in the underground club and must work your way to the top and solve the mystery from your past."

The feature list boasts a non-linear story, progression, perks, nostalgia and irony. It's a nice idea—taking cues from games like Streets of Rage, but in a management-style game where your job is to instead train and prepare your character.

VHS Story is due out later this year. For more, head over to the Greenlight page.

Phil Savage

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