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Valorant: How to attack and defend on Split

In Valorant, Split is one of the simpler maps; two bomb sites, three clear attacking lanes, and easy callouts. It's also arguably the map that requires the most team co-ordination, whether you're attacking or defending. Here are some tips for how to play Split, whether you're a low-ranked player or you're grinding up towards Radiant.

First up is the agent selection. Split is possibly the only map where even post-nerf, Sage is still immensely useful, thanks to her wall ability. Cypher is also crucial on this map since he can defend B site single-handedly. While Raze is offensive-minded, she's brilliant on attack and defence because her abilities have brilliant stalling power. Either Sova or Brimstone are immensely useful too; the former has recon which is always handy, while the latter has smokes every single round. The final agent needs to be someone who can take gunfights with ease; Jett or Phoenix can be huge on Split.

On defence, the set-up you want is the following: Cypher on B site, Sage playing Mail, either Brimstone or Sova at the top of Ramps, Raze playing around A site to A main, and the remaining Agent around vent.

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With the correct trap wire and cage set-up, Cypher should be able to protect B site by themselves if the enemy team push through B main. Two one-way cages can be thrown on the beam above the door so you can shoot into main, plus with trap wires down and a camera watching the push, the attackers will need to use a lot of utility to get onto site.

Sage needs to wall mid the second they know an enemy is around. Walling from the Mail stairs to the box in mid top completely blocks the enemy push, while slow orbs can bounce off the walls and slow them down. If Brimstone puts smokes down to block the enemy vision around the market and sewer in mid bottom—or if Sova fires an arrow there to get information—then whoever is playing in Vent has the freedom to either lay in wait or move up. Brim or Sova should then be rotating off Ramps to wherever the enemies have been spotted, if there's nobody pushing A main. Meanwhile Raze can send her Boom Bot down A main at the start of the round; this gets recon information. If there are enemies, her grenade and satchel charges can slow down the enemy push while teammates rotate to help. As long as Cypher leaves the camera and trap wires on B, he can move to A or mid if there is no immediate thread.

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Attacking on Split is largely a case of playing for a pick, but if you want to push one of the three main spots, here are some tips.

If you're rushing A, always have someone watching the angle from A lobby to the A main corridor. Enemies can often peek that for an early pick. Have another player putting pressure on any enemies at the top of ramps, and make sure you smoke off A main to push up ramps without being sniped from CT.

If your plan is to send most of the team through mid, smokes are your friend. Smoke off both the entrance to Mail and Vents then shift-walk up through mid. The later the enemies know where you are, the bigger advantage you've got. And if you don't smoke one of the two doors, make sure you have enemies coming into Mid Bottom from both market and sewer sides, so you can peek simultaneously from different angles.

Finally on B, you're almost always going to want to have a teammate or two making a play on Mid. B Main is the toughest choke point on the map to break through, and having all five players there is a recipe for disaster. When you do eventually get through B, have Sage place her wall blocking the view from B Tower and Rafters to Main. If you don't have a Sage, use smokes, and make sure you spread out when you're on site so you're not all sprayed down in one go.

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