Unity will fully support Microsoft's Hololens

Microsoft HoloLens PivotPoint RGB

Unity has announced it will be introducing full support for Microsoft's Hololens in a future update, available free for all Pro and Personal users when it launches. Hololens is... well, I'll let the Unity blog explain:

"For those unaware, Microsoft HoloLens is Microsoft’s self-contained holographic computer headset, enabled by Windows 10, which is able to render high-definition holograms. HoloLens holograms are fully interactive digital objects and spaces that blend with real-life environments to make them seem like they exist as physical objects in a room."

In other words, it's voodoo. Plain and simple voodoo. Rather than simply include the ability to create something for Hololens, Unity's updated pipeline will mean users can take advantage of all that voodoo-tastic stuff Microsoft's tech is capable of - "spatial mapping, spatial audio, gaze, gesture, voice recognition, and the ability to anchor holographic objects to specific locations in the real world," as it says.

The announcement came soon after that of Unity's closer working relationship with Microsoft and its new Visual Studio for Game Development. Making games is becoming easier - or at least is being given much more support. And even if calling them holograms is a bit misleading, the first person to make an Arnold Rimmer simulator wins.