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Nidhogg developer's second game, Flywrench, is out now


Flywrench is the next game from Messhof, developer of the splendid Nidhogg. It's out now.

As a project, Flywrench also has plenty of history. A prototype was originally released in 2007—and its flappy-line protagonist was a bonus character in Super Meat Boy. Flywrench was also the star of a Kickstarter, funded way back in 2009.

Here's what it looks like:

What's going on there, then? Your Flywrench has a few different states—static, spinning and flapping—and a different colour for each. To pass the coloured gate, you need to be performing its associated action. And therein, the challenge. In addition to its 170+ levels, Flywrench also boasts a level editor. That's a lot of levels.

Phil Savage
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