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Fantasy 4X Sorcerer King: Rivals out now

We said that Sorcerer King: Rivals would be out this September, but we didn't know exactly when in this fine month it would unleash its strategic scheming onto an unsuspecting world. Turns out, hey, it's two days ago; Sorcerer King: Rivals is out now on Steam.

Rivals is a standalone expansion to the (mostly) well-received Sorcerer King, that once again takes the fantasy 4X genre and adds in an AI villain in the form of the titular Sorcerer King, who you're you're trying to overthrow or even replace in the course of the game. All that while dealing with a bunch of rival factions, and pondering whether or not to ascend to godhood yourself. (Turns out this will end the world, which sounds bad.)

Here's a trailer to whet your appetite. Rivals will set you back £23, or whatever that is in your currency of choice.