Crusader Kings 2: Sons of Abraham video explains new features and papal politics

Oh, it's about the Abrahamic religions . I had entirely the wrong end of the stick. I'd assumed Sons of Abraham would transform CK2 into a game in which you played as Tad Lincoln - fourth son of Abraham - running around the White House and getting into comedy scrapes. Come to think of it, an overhaul of Christianity, and the introduction of playable Jewish characters, makes a lot more sense for the medieval grand strategy soap opera. A new development diary provides a complete overview of what Paradox hope to achieve with this latest expansion.

Papal plotting! Papal patronage! Papal palpitations! Today's top tip: say papal more. It's a really good word. It should also make for a good system, providing yet another avenue of familial scheming with which to gain a political upper hand over your enemies and relatives.

For more on Sons of Abraham, check out our announcement post , carefully noting that its URL is "Crusader Kings II: The Something Something Announced". Indeed it was, URL of the past. Indeed it was.