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And in other PC gaming news...

Rage Thumbnail

There's been a lot of Rage on the internet this morning, in more ways than one. In our Rage review Rich tells us the actual game is rather good, but the the launch version has some serious problems . We're hoping there'll be a patch to fix the issues soon, as they were certainly no-where to be seen when we reviewed the game. It's a crying shame, we were all looking forward to cutting off heads with sharpened boomerangs. And in the game.

Check inside for a selection of blurry, out of focus PC gaming news.

  • Gamerant have spotted some achievement names in Batman: Arkham City that suggest Nightwing will appear.
  • RockPaperShotgun talk to Human Head's Chris Rhinehart about Prey 2.
  • Gamespot say Ghost Recon: Future Warrior is scheduled to be released on March 6th 2012. My birthday.
  • Mark Jacobs talks to Eurogamer about why he left Mythic.
  • CVG have twelve minutes of footage from Rage's co-op mode.

How has your Rage experience been readers? Does the bug appear on your system or not?