Torment: Tides of Numenera's new 3.5 million dollar stretch goal revealed: Chris Avellone

inXile have made live a new stretch goal for their Kickstarted RPG project Torment: Tides of Numenera . What will this new, colossal target of 3.5 million dollars buy? The loving assistance of none other than Chris Avellone, the legendary lead developer of the original Planescape: Torment.

If he joins the design team, Avellone will have two primary roles, say inXile.

“First, he will be reviewing and providing feedback on all creative elements of the game, including the story, characters, and areas. His input will be invaluable as a resource to Colin in further detailing the creative vision for the game. Second, he'll be designing and writing an eighth companion for the game, working with Colin and Monte to craft a companion suitable for both Torment and the Ninth World.”

Sounds like a big job. But Chris Avellone already has a big job, what with him being employed by Obsidian Entertainment. How will he find the time betwixt this and Obsidian's own game, Project Eternity? Won't people who've backed the latter be a bit miffed that he's dividing his time with another project?

It's just a matter of efficient scheduling, say inXile, with his work on Torment being “set up to not interfere with Chris's involvement with Obsidian's Project Eternity. Project Eternity is first priority for Chris. inXile is going to work around Chris' schedule to ensure that.”

At the time of writing, Torment has already bagged $2,849,202 - well beyond its initial target of $900,000 - so Chris Avellone's involvement is effectively worth another half a million dollars. But what's it worth to you, dear readers?