Torchlight II gets mod editor, Steam Workshop support, pet headcrab

There can't be many names for an official mod editor more appropriate than GUTS is for Torchlight II . Appropriate because, 1) it lets Runic's talented community even deeper into the guts of their game, and 2) Torchlight 2 is a game full of isometric viscera, erupting from mobs as Berserker's violently click their way through the maps. Also, 3) it's kind of a funny word.

It's also now released and available to the public. Even better, it comes with integrated Steam Workshop support, giving players an easy-to-install database of the community's best efforts. While it's understandably sparse at the moment, Runic have themselves provided a couple of mods to kick things off, enabling support for Respec Potions and eight player multiplayer .

Hopefully we'll see some more in-depth, content adding projects soon. Mods like the wide-ranging Synergies already gave players a huge selection of extra challenges. If they take up the GUTS torch, the results could be pretty spectacular.

For now, new in-game stuff comes from a patch that released alongside the Workshop support. It brings new monsters, weapons, armour, end-game content and special NetherRealm portals. You also get a selection of new pets, including Half-Life's iconic headcrabs.

If you want to play around with GUTS (weirdo), you can find it in the Tools section of your Steam library.

Phil Savage

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