Titanfall is heading EA's Origin Access, and soon

Titanfall 4

Origin Access is like the Xbox One's EA Access service but on a PC, meaning you can fork out £3.99 a month to get access to a select library of EA-published games, along with a few other benefits. Is it a good deal? That's for you and your wallet to decide, although the decision gets a little more complicated with the addition of another game: Titanfall. Titanfall is coming to Origin Access "soon", as announced via the following tweet and also this link.

This is almost certainly a good thing, if you're a current owner of Titanfall and you've been lamenting the relative paucity of players in recent months. It should hopefully mean an influx of new soldiers for you to stomp all over in a giant mech.

Origin Access' current library includes the Dragon Ages, some Battlefields, the Dead Space games, This War of Mine, and Torchlight 2. That library will soon be embiggened with Titanfall, as per the headline.

Tom Sykes

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