Titanfall 2: Dominate foes with Scorch, Ion, Northstar & Ronin

One of 2016’s hottest video game releases, Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2, recently launched on PC and is already receiving high praise from critics and gamers alike. On top of sporting some truly luscious next-gen visuals and action, the sequel features a fleshed out single-player campaign and six powerful Titans to stomp around the battlefield with.

The following new video guides will help you gain your footing as four of Titanfall 2’s metallic behemoths. The videos breakdown essential tips for the incendiary fire wielding Scorch Titan, the directed-energy equipped Atlas Titan, the sword swinging Ronin Titan and finally the flying Northstar Titan.

Watch both videos for more on how to maximize your time with these Titans below. A third video on the final two Titans, Tone and Legion, is coming soon to NGN on YouTube.

Guide to Playing Scorch and Ion

Guide to Playing Northstar and Ronin

While Titanfall 2 can run on your PC if it meets the minimum requirements (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660), to really get the best possible graphical detail and performance you’ll want a system armed with a GTX 1060 for stunning 1920x1080 gaming. If you want to crank up your specs to enable ultra settings in Titanfall 2, however, a GTX 1080 will get you 3840x2160 visuals. 

The recently revamped GeForce Experience will also ensure you have the latest Game Ready drivers you’ll need for the game. 

Titanfall 2 is now available to download on PC via Origin.

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