This week's winners


Welcome to this week's winners, where we round up the results of our most recent competitions. We're wrapping up three of our current giveaways today, so if you've entered anything recently be sure to check inside. Remember, if we don't hear from you for three weeks we will give your prize to someone else .

Check inside for the latest results.

Red Orchestra 2 Giveaway

We offered you 10 copies of Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad in exchange for designing us an unusual new wargame.

Our personal favourite (and judging by the upvotes, yours too) was bwfcnut with 'Cod Wars'

CoD: Cod Wars (The cold war "conflicts" between Britain and Iceland). You play a captain for either side and you have to go around catching cod and fending off the rival nation's ships to expand territory to gain experience. Missions involve things like catching cod to expand your nation's territorial waters, battling other ships and building bases centred around Birdseye's fish finger factories. Bonus mission will include being a leader cod in a school of fish and you have to avoid ships for as long as possible to unlock new items and ship upgrades.

Here's the full list of winners: bwfcnut, rico021, TheDancingWalrus, valkynaz, Brook9009, Whimpy, Desperate Measures, Ogre, 44M-Tas and CPT. blackadder. . Congratulations! To claim your prize message me on the forums with your full name and address, and we'll get them in the post.

If you didn't win, fret not! Those nice guys at Tripwire just gave us an extra five copies, so we'll be launching a second competition shortly.

GOG Wing Commander/Privateer giveaway

We gave away 5 GOG bundles, containing Wing Commanders 1-3 and Privateer , asking you what your pilot call sign would be.

Winners were jasonmacleod (aka Rum Tum Trigger), MartinJ (aka rm -rf *), Zulu (aka Anti-Alias), Daedalus316 (aka BSoD) and BlackCanopus (aka sharp hooter).

Once again if you want to claim your prize just send me a message to show you're still around, and I'll mail you your code.

Sengoku Giveaway

Rich's scary demon eyes gave you the chance to Win a copy of Sengoku by asking you to tell us the most honourable act you've ever performed with a mouse and keyboard.

There were some great stories here, my favourite being Southpaw 's magnificent tale of using his friendly-fire-proof body to shield his enemies from a hacking ally in Call of Duty 4. Cheaters never prosper Southpaw, but honourable players get free games, you truly earnt yours.

Here is the full list of those whose honour will be rewarded: Southpaw, VexingVision, Roobarb, Spatula, oceanclub, bitterfun, Dobs, Arzetzt, JackRabbit and Felathar .

To get your prize just send me a message with your name and address and your prize will be posted to you shortly.

Sorry to all those who didn't win, but we'll be back with even more competitions soon!