Playfire 1

Playfire has revealed the latest Rewards as part of its programme.

The Playfire Rewards initiative lets you earn store credit for unlocking game achievements. It's currently in beta, and can be unlocked by connecting your Steam and GMG/Playfire accounts and then completing each set of weekly challenges.

This week’s Rewards include unlockables for wild west RPG, Boot Hill Heroes, creepy adventure game 1HEART and free to play space MMO, Fairspace.

Here they are in full:

  • 1HEART - unlock Pirate - £0.10
  • A-Train 9 V3.0 : Railway Simulator - play for the first time - £0.10
  • Boot Hill Heroes - unlock Something Greater... - £0.10
  • Fairspace - unlock Perform 20 Successfull Missions - £0.10
  • Gods vs Humans - play for the first time - £0.10
  • Save the Furries - play for the first time - £0.10
  • UFO Online: Fight for Earth - play for the first time - £0.10
  • Playfire Rewards is currently in BETA and only available for Steam, but will roll out to more platforms soon. You can see all of the current rewards on the rewards page.

    If you haven't tried the Playfire Rewards BETA and want to participate, just register with your Green Man Gaming email address and password and then sign in with Steam. For more information check out Playfire’s FAQ.