This GTA 5 realistic damage mod adds nerve damage, heart attacks, internal bleeding

During the closing cutscene of GTA 5's Jewel Store Job heist mission, I noticed Michael (under my guidance) was riddled with bullet holes. I mean, I was glad to make it out alive, but given the state I'd left De Santa in, he really shouldn't have been breathing never mind walking, talking and negotiating the next score. 

With this in mind, SH42913's GunShot Wound mod adds a degree of realism to Grand Theft Auto 5's firefights and considers how you may, or may not, recover thereafter. 

First launched in February, GunShot Wound has now shipped its final variation—bringing with it five states of wounds and bleeding: None, Light, Medium, Heavy and Deadly. As explained here, Light and Medium states have minimal influence on the player, however heavier wounds initiate a "drunk camera", players can no longer sprint, and a death timer kicks in should players fail to receive medical treatment before it expires.  

Moreover, hit detection allows players to target specific limbs. Sharpshooters can sever tendons to inflict nerve damage, puncture lungs to cripple to stop foes in their tracks, and cause their enemies to suffer heart attacks with a barrage of gunfire. Here's some of that in motion:

Creator SH42913 says their mod is inspired by SOB's Extreme Difficulty Health Realism, and is best complemented by Better Weapon Ragdoll and Gun Recoil—as well as Realism Dispatch Enhanced, for calling in emergency services. 

"My script has a wound and bleeding system that totally changes gameplay [to] make it more realistic and hardcore," explains SH42913 on the mod's GTA5Mods page. "After the player is damaged, the script [identifies] what body part is damaged and what weapon made it happen. 

"Different types of damage lead to different bleeding and wounds. For example, bullets can fly through you and leave superficial damage and some bleeding, but bullets can puncture lungs, and it will be a deadly wound. Damaged legs make you slow and damaged arms makes your aiming hard. Damaged nerves make it both." 

More information on GunShot Wound, including installation instructions, can be found this-a-way.